Wednesday, March 23, 2005
The Longest Yard

In San Francisco, high school athletic officials have banned the postgame handshake and goodsportsmanship greetings after girls' soccer games:
    A series of ugly run-ins between girls soccer teams in San Francisco's high schools has prompted a ban on that proverbial act of good sportsmanship -- the post-game handshake.

    Not only that, but "all soccer players will be barred from saying a single word to their opponents, opposing coaches or officials upon the conclusion of every soccer game," Donald Collins, the school district's high school athletic commissioner, decreed in an e-mail to all coaches and referees Monday.

    So instead of winners and losers exchanging friendly or even perfunctory high-fives, "all soccer players will immediately proceed to their respective sidelines upon the conclusion of every soccer game," Collins commanded.
You know, one of the arguments against home schooling is that public schools help socialize children. There's your socialization, ma'am: socialized like inmates, not allowed to interact with those from different high schools to show that the participants understand the limited nature of the game and understand that although they have competed fiercely, they respect each other.

Just because a few girls didn't. So the schools will socialize to the lowest common denominator, which will always prove to be a half step above animal given human nature.

To say Noggle, one first must be able to say the "Nah."