Sunday, March 06, 2005
Deep Cover Investigative Journalism

Norville to Anchor From 'Home Confinement':
    Now HERE'S a good excuse for working at home. Deborah Norville will anchor Monday's program of "Inside Edition" from her home on Long Island, N.Y., to try to give viewers a taste of what Martha Stewart's home confinement is like.
Muhahahaha! I laugh with almost hysterical tears. I work from home, so I sometimes don't leave the house for weeks. You want to know what it's like?

It's maddening, but I like madness. It keeps me company and walks on cats' paws.

Seriously, what's next? Deborah Norville drives her own car so viewers know what commuting is like?

(Link seen on Tim Blair's site.)

To say Noggle, one first must be able to say the "Nah."