Sunday, March 13, 2005
Because They Already Memorialized Dead Homeless People Last Week

More feature writing from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Whatever happened to Evelyn West?, which eulogizes a famous stripper in St. Louis from the 1950s:
    Officer William Comeford filed his report - death apparently from natural causes - and returned to business as usual.

    He ignored the clues that this 83-year-old woman once had been famous. They could be found in the stacks of provocative photographs all about her quarters; three bedrooms stacked with boxes that made it impossible to walk through the rooms. Some contained the outfits she donned backstage and then discarded onstage to the cheers of hundreds each night.
So last Sunday, it was sepia-toned love for homelessness. This week, it's a page on an old, forgotten stripper. What's next for the hard-hitting reporters at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch?

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