Saturday, January 10, 2004
A Rock in My Reeboks

Local or state politicians often like to make an argument like this one regarding getting "their slice of the pie":
    Officials in Killington want the town to secede from Vermont and join the neighboring state because of a dispute over taxes. They say the town's restaurants, inns and other businesses rake in ten (m) million dollars a year for the state -- but gets just a (m) million dollars of state aid in return.
You often hear that, whether it's California griping about not getting one dollar of federal tax grants and goodies for every dollar they ship to Washington or little towns like this one griping about its high tax revenues not returning one for one. Are these politicos stupid, or cynically trying to drum up votes with this idiocy?

In case it's the former, I offer the following explanation to our municipal or state leaders:
    I told you a hunnert times, Lennie, when the bigger brother takes that money, it takes its taste, its viggorish from the top, and whatever he's got left after paying off his string of highly-paid thinkers, legislators, and hangers-on and then pays down what he owns on all dem buildings and motorcars they go tooling around in, whatever he's got left he splits among his friends and then littler big brother. Den he can put it towards a stake in a ranch, or he can blow it in a cathouse or pool room or on whiskey, or maybe all three which is a popular choice for govenment.
I suspect they're just cynical, though, in which case I offer them a hearty Hi-ho, STFU. I know you're all about shifting wealth from the private sector, where it was created, to the public sector, where you and your cronies can spend it lavishly, but it's a real rock in my Reeboks to watch you public sector ticks argue about who gets to suck from the neck and who has to suck from the leg artery. I don't turn on the nature channel to watch the jackals rip apart gazelles, and I don't care to watch you guys fight over the spoils, either.

So get over the fact that Mississippi and Wyoming aren't going to subsidize your schools, and maybe, you know, stop spending money profligately and maybe you could squeak by on whatever annual millions you can skim from the top while the citizenry makes do with green-capped milk.

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