Saturday, November 01, 2003
Wisconsin Law Enforcement Officials Speak

Here's what Wisconsin's law officials have to say about the concealed carry law winding through that state's legislature:
    "I don't like it," Ozaukee County Sheriff Maury Straub said Wednesday. "Proponents say it's for citizen safety. As sheriff, I know of very few people who have had to protect their lives or the lives of others by deadly force.

    How many people who were unarmed do you know of who died when someone attacked them? I don't remember Ozaukee County being that safe. Straub's words could quite easily indicate that he doesn't know of any because those people have not had the right to defend themselves outside of their homes. Also, keep in mind deadly force implied that the goblins got killed instead of just winged. Maybe the Ozaukee residents are good at shooting out kneecaps.

    "It will give people a lot of false securities. Even though people can shoot at a paper target and take a class to learn gun safety, the bad guys are going to assume their victim has a gun and will be more aggressive and more violent," said [Hartford Police Lt. Tom] Horvath, saying he was speaking only for himself and not the department.

    What's good for Britain is good for us, hey, loot? Of course, maybe if the goblins feared for their own lives, they'd perhaps think of another line of work.

    Said Cedarburg Police Chief Tom Frank: "My initial reaction is, I'm not in favor of it because of the many situations in which police officers have contact with angry citizens.

    "In many of those cases, citizens who have been arrested for various offenses have acted in a violent manner toward a police officer," Frank said.

    "I'm just fearful that with some people now carrying concealed weapons, the violence toward police officers could become a greater problem," he said.

    Frank has a valid concern. However, he's weighing the safety of a few citizens (the police) against the majority of the citizens. Police would be safer, too, if they kept the general population sedated. Quick, someone legislate manditory downers for all!
Go read Boots and Sabers. Owen's in Milwaukee, so he's got a pony in this fight and he's keeping us up to date.

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