Friday, October 20, 2006
How Much Is Too Much?
Probably no such thing if it's on the public dime. To chase a niche market, Milwaukee "District" officials want to expand the convention center again:
    With Milwaukee's convention business in a holding pattern, the chairman of the Wisconsin Center District said Wednesday that it's time to revive the idea of expanding the Midwest Airlines Center.

    Franklyn Gimbel said the region's ability to attract what he called a "gangbuster" convention was diminished compared with recent years because of the lack of hotel rooms in the area and the size of the convention center.

    The center was last expanded at the end of 1999, when the building's exhibit hall was increased to 189,000 square feet. When the center first opened in 1998, its supporters said it would put Milwaukee in the big leagues.
It was built 8 years ago, when "district" officials said it would put Milwaukee in the big leagues. It wasexpanded 7 years ago when "district" officials were wrong. Now, those officials want to spend more public money to get it right this time.

Color me skeptical. However, on the plus side, "district" officials are unelected and ultimately unaccountable to the public, so they're in no jeopardy of consequences for being so wrong, so often, so expensively, so they'll be free to continue pursuing more no matter how much they get.

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