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Friday, December 11, 2009
The Saddest Search Hit of All
I am the first hit on Yahoo! Answers for brian bought a used bike for $25 less than its original . he paid a total of $ 88 for the bike , what was the original price of the bike.

Ladies and gentlemen of the Internet, I cannot but feel nothing but desolate sadness that some poor, stupid product of public education could not help but try Yahoo! answers for a simple word problem.

Can't these damn kids even find the calculator application these days? Seriously.

I remember when freaking calculator watches were the end of schoolage civilization as it were. Oh, those heady, innocent times!

Audit Finds Putting Okay
Audit suggests driver training for K.C. police

Tuesday, December 08, 2009
A New Bureaucracy Needs New Bureaucrats
You remember this chart?

The Health Control Bureaucracy
Click for full size

You know what I think?

A hint from RSMcCain:

    Hate to tell Harry Reid, but Danny Tarkanian is running for Senate. He's beating Harry in the polls.
That's a lot of new plum government jobs to be had. Coincidentally, it looks as a large number of legislators will hit the job market in 2010. Or is it not coincidence?

Sunday, December 06, 2009
You Will Keep Doing It Until You Do It Right
Another electoral defeat for a tax increase just leads to a sequel, as the Christian County Library Board reanimates the undead and tries to get it on the next ballot:
    The Christian County Library Board is expected to decide this month whether to send a proposed property tax increase back to voters.

    If approved, it would help build three libraries.

    Library Director Mabel Phillips said the board met Nov. 20 to discuss the possibility of putting the issue on the April ballot.

    It was the board's first meeting since 52 percent of voters rejected a proposed property tax increase during the Nov. 3 election.
Hey, you know what worked for the Webster Groves Public Library? Getting the tax increase on a February ballot, where most people wouldn't know it was an election and those who did might decide not to brave 15 degree weather to vote.

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